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Bot trade better than humans!

Financial analysis

With GOONMA, you don't need to be an expert to read and understand financial information. We have processed raw financial data and turned it into clear and visual charts, making it easy for you to view and comprehend important information in financial reports.

Stock valuation

GOONMA provides you with an incredibly powerful valuation tool. We employ detailed analysis of profit, revenue, assets, and growth potential to help you understand the true value of a stock, enabling you to make informed investment decisions.

Investment recommendation

GOONMA collects market data and analyzes trends, charts, indicators, and other important factors to identify significant signals. When the market rises or falls, GOONMA will automatically alert you. This helps you not to miss any trading signals.

Automated trading bot

GOONMA allows you to create and customize automated trading bots based on your own strategies. You can also test your bot on historical price data to evaluate its performance before actual trading.

Start trading in 4 steps


Get started with GOONMA today by signing up for a free account and accessing our powerful trading platform.


With GOONMA, you can deposit BUSD, USDT, USDC or GM in your wallet to pay volume fees and reward traders when copying them. You can withdraw at any time.


Connect API with your current exchange and start trade with bots.


Automate your trading strategy based on your own bot settings, or simply copy from top performing bots.

Create your own bot

Connect API with your current exchange
Select trading assets
Customize your own trading bot

Backtest strategies

Profit growth
Backtest summary
Backtest history

Transaction fee

GOONMA is committed to transparency regarding transaction fees. Unlike other platforms that charge monthly fees, we only charge based on your usage needs. This means you only have to pay when you use our platform, making it a cost-effective and sensible choice for all your trading needs.

Registration fee
In opening and maintaining an account.
Usage fee
You can use the platform and perform other tasks without incurring any costs (except for data access).
Access fee
GOONMA will charge a small fee of 1,000 VND (Points) for each data access within 24 hours.
Transaction fee
When buying and selling stocks.

Why choose us?

Professional Tools

GOONMA's platform with its professional charts and indicators allows you to analyze market trends and make informed decisions like a seasoned trader, taking your trading to a new level.

Low fees

By trading on the GOONMA platform, you can save on fees compared to other platforms and maximize your returns on profitable trades.

1800+ Tradable assets

Diversify your portfolio by choosing from a wide range of assets available on GOONMA. This will help you spread your risk and potentially increase your returns on profitable trades, all while paying lower fees than other platforms.


Experience safe and secure trading on a platform that has been proven through rigorous testing. With top-quality security measures in place, you can feel confident making trades on GOONMA.


GOONMA values your privacy and allows you to control the information you share on your profile. All of your data will be encrypted and protected by GOONMA.


Gain access to comprehensive market data, analysis, and educational resources to help you make informed trades on GOONMA.